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Tld private Investigators can transform the subject’s phone to a spy phone. All we need is few minutes with the phone we install a software that will give us the functions:

  • SMS/Email capture Access all SMS’s and email sent and received by the phone
  • Instant Message capture Access all instant messages
  • Voice recording Obtain copies of all voice calls
  • Surroundings Recording Record all background sounds in the vicinity of the phone
  • Listen Remotely Use the phones microphone to listen to live conversations in the vicinity of the phone.
  • View Remotely Use the phones camera to observe activities in the vicinity of the phone
  • Track via GPS Track the coordinates of a GPS enabled cell phone
  • Track via GSM Track phone location using cell phone towers
  • Call Listings Gain access to all call lists and message logs from a remote location
  • Data Access Gain access to all directory contacts, photos , reminders from a remote location
  • Sim agnostic Monitor phone even if sim changed.

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