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Missing Persons in South Africa: the stats and the private investigators’ advice on how to stay safe

detective-2304179_640jpgThere are many reasons why people
go missing; some do it voluntarily but others are forcibly removed from their homes, away from family and friends. Just look at the long list of missing persons on the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) website. Sadly, some of the persons who go missing are kidnapped and/or forced into illegal labour or illicit trades such as prostitution and drug trading. TLD Private Investigators understand that losing contact with a child, spouse, family member or friend can be traumatizing for all involved; that is why we offer affordable missing persons private investigations.

What should you do if a family member or friend goes missing?

  • • Act immediately, don’t wait until it is too late. Consider going to the nearest police station, but if you are not comfortable with police stations, contact experienced private investigators such as TLD Private Investigators and we will help you locate your missing loved one
  • . • Review the missing person’s whereabouts and provide the investigator/detective with as much information as possible, including a clear recent photograph. Advancements in technology such as Apple’s Find My iPhone via iCloud and Google’s Android Device Manager can help to track people via their phones. 
  • But these advancements might not be enough to investigate missing persons whereabouts. When it comes to missing persons investigations, you need professional private investigators to get the job done right. 

Missing Persons Police Procedure

The Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula recently shared details of the updated missing persons police procedure. He explained that the SAPS no longer have a waiting period for reporting a missing person. You can read more about the missing persons police procedure on the SAPS website. When a friend or family member goes missing, report it to your nearest SAPS police station immediately. You don’t have to wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person to the police. As experienced professional private investigators, we are always up to date regarding the latest laws and regulations. We also work closely with law enforcement organisations such as the SAPS. There is no denying that the problem of missing persons in South Africa is a serious one. The reality is that it can happen to just about anyone; Thembisile Yende, Anchen Muller, Mbali Gumede, Philile Gumede, Julian Vadim Seeber, Lehlohonolo Mlampo, and Karabo Mokoena all went missing. Anyone can go missing; young, old, male, female, rich or poor. But women and children are the ones most vulnerable in South Africa, let’s look at some statistics related to missing children in 2016


Missing Children in South Africa


According to the South African Police Service Missing Persons Bureau; in 2016, a child went missing every 9 hours in South Africa”. This number was based on reported incidents of missing children and it translates into: • +/- 2 missing children a day, • +/- 80 missing children a month and • +/- 960 missing children a year.

  • What can you do to protect your children and yourself?
  • Seek professional advice about how to keep track of your loved ones: 
  • Do not become a statistic; prevention is better than cure. 
  • That’s why TLD Private Investigators offers affordable tracking devices and related professional advisory services.
  •  We can help you to keep track of your family members and friends to ensure their safety. 
  • Keep your loved ones updated about your whereabouts:
  • Always notify your family and friends about your whereabouts especially if you are going to a new location or travelling with someone you don’t know. WhatsApp is a great way to keep in touch, why not use it to create a broadcast list or a family safety group where you share your location whenever necessary
  • Need more professional advice on how to protect your children, family members, friends and yourself from becoming a missing person? 

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