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The Center of intelligence, Private investigator Tld Private investigators is a South African based investigation firm. Dealing with corporate intell

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The biggest threat of any business today comes from within. Millions of Rands are lost every year to employee fraud and theft. People who makes the business to grow are the same people who are capable of bringing it down to liquidation. It is a necessity to avoid a situation where your assets are divvied up among creditors.

Whether your situation involves screening prospective employees, business partner or preventing loss and monitoring. TLD Private Investigators have a solution for you. Our private investigators are discreet and capable to be your eyes and ears disclosing any hidden thing within your business.

TLD Private Investigators can fit in any socio-economic environment from a maid to the executives. Whether undercover services, mystery shopper, employee surveillance, infiltration, or interrogation will deliver beyond your expectations.

We compile and provide you with irrefutable reports which can be used in CCMA, bargaining council or any court in South Africa.

Take control of your hard work by assigning pre-eminent private investigator Johannesburg, to gather intelligence for you.  


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Tld private investigator Johannesburg assist individuals, employers, law firms, insurance companies and corporations by offering a large variety of investigative services. We customize each investigation to your specific needs.