Cheating Spouse private investigator South Africa

Cheating spouses in South Africa: the private investigators' guide to protecting yourself

sweethearts-661587_1920jpgSpouses cheat and lie about it; that's a fact of life. Whether wife or girlfriend, husband or boyfriend; anyone can be tempted to cheat. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you; truth is, you might be right or you might be wrong. Either way, you have a right to know the truth – this is your life we are talking about after all.

What you don’t know can hurt you

Not knowing when your spouse is cheating on you can be riskier than you think. A cheating spouse can affect your emotional, mental, financial and physical well-being. For example, let’s look at some quick stats on South Africa and HIV/AIDS. The rate of HIV infection is a real problem in South Africa. According to UNAIDS and Stats SA, there were over 6 million South African adults (men and women) aged 15 and older living with HIV/AIDS in 2015. This meant that one in ten (1 in 10) South Africans were HIV positive in 2015. Despite the wide availability of condoms, the number of HIV positive people in South Africa has not decreased. This means the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS from unprotected sex is very high in South Africa. See? Your cheating partner’s infidelity/ extramarital affair(s) can cost you more than your peace of mind. It can cost you your health, so you can't afford not to know when your spouse is cheating.

·         Find out whether your spouse is cheating on you; do it for the sake of your family, friends and for yourself. You might think that your relationship with your spouse is none of your friends and family’s business, but the truth of the matter is - it affects them too. When you are suspicious of your spouse and are constantly stressed or unhappy, guess who suffers with you? Your family and friends, of course.

·         Finding out that your spouse is cheating can help you get closure and the evidence you need for successful divorce proceedings (if necessary). On the positive side, finding out that your spouse is not cheating can put your heart at ease and increase trust in your relationship.

Why should you get a cheating spouse private investigator?

·         Sometimes, the signs of a cheating spouse are obvious. Other times, they are not so obvious. In some instances, what seems like signs of a cheating spouse can be your wild imagination, stress and/or insecurities. Do not end up losing a spouse by wrongfully accusing them.

car-1576894_640jpgDo not end up losing a spouse from wrongfully accusing them of cheating on you. Falsely accusing your spouse can put a dent on your relationship and create further mistrust between the two of you. That's why you need professional cheating spouse private investigators to help you put your mind at ease with proof of your spouse’s innocence or get the evidence you need to confront a cheating spouse. TLD Private Investigators can help you find out whether your spouse is cheating or not.

·         Hiring a cheating spouse investigator allows you to continue with your normal routine, errands, and activities while the investigation is ongoing. Cheating spouses can cheat anywhere; at work, in your home and even online. You have a life to live and there are people depending on you, so you can't afford to go MIA or play private eye. Leave the cheating spouse investigation to experienced professionals such as TLD Private Investigators. We offer affordable cheating spouse investigation fees that suit your pocket. Ask us for a quotation.

·         Cheating spouse investigations can be dangerous. Don't risk your life, leave it to our well-equipped private investigators/ detectives to conduct surveillance and gather evidence.

What should you do if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you?


If you suspect that your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, don’t jump to conclusions and try not to lose hope. Here are some guidelines for coping with a cheating spouse investigation; we have put together to help you during this difficult time:

·         Don't accuse or confront your spouse, let us help you investigate and get you the evidence you need.

·         Start paying attention to and taking notes on your spouse’s behavior and whereabouts.

·         Contact credible cheating spouse private investigators such as TLD Private Investigators and we will take care of everything for you. We will debrief, advice and keep you updated every step of the way.

·         Keep the investigation private from your friends, family and most especially your spouse.

TLD private Investigators understand the stress associated with personally trying to investigate a cheating spouse, that’s why we offer affordable and professional cheating spouse investigations tailored for you. Our job as cheating spouse private investigators/ detectives is to help you get the proof you need to confront your cheating spouse or the proof and assurance that your spouse is not cheating. If you need more professional advice on how to protect yourself from a cheating spouse, we can help you. Speak to one of our cheating spouse private investigators on 0603571829, or fill in this contact form and we will call you back.

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