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Private investigation in Johannesburg. 

Tld Private Investigators is a private investigations company based in Parktown Johannesburg. Our experienced private investigators operate all over South Africa.

At Tld Private Investigators,  we are the best when it comes to investigation, our core values of integrity and professionalism as any investigation are the backbone of our company’s success. Our aim is to provide our customers with reliable and comprehensive information which is delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. No hidden costs.

We have different investigators with a wide range of skills. All our private investigators and support staff are highly skilled, resourceful, honest, discreet and committed to achieving the best possible outcome. We have the necessary experience to meet your private investigation needs.

As an investigation, the company our team always strive to obtain a result that exceeds your expectations. Our team is committed to helping customers resolve their issues.

We are one of the best investigation firms in South Africa. based in Johannesburg. rendering investigation services across South Africa. We have investigation agents in all the major cities of South Africa speaking all local languages.

Private Investigator: Services we offer.


Domestic investigations

We perform infidelity and marital investigations all over Gauteng and beyond. Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? We are here to find the truth for you.

Before you get married, we perform surveillance and obtain thorough background checks on your spouse to be.



Providing our clients with information and video evidence for long periods of time whilst remaining undetected.


Missing Person Location:

We understand that losing contact with a family member or close friend can be devastating.


Employee Background Checks:

Tld private investigators will do all checks on your potential employee: verifying qualifications, credit records, identity, employee references, driver’s licences and criminal records. 


Hidden Asset, Property and Employment Location:

Dealing with a contentious divorce is draining and emotional, we will do the work. If you believe your ex is hiding funds or you have a court judgment that needs to be enforced, we will do the research.

If your ex is receiving more than he or she should in alimony, has begun cohabitation with someone who supplements their income, or has become employed, we will assist you in collecting the evidence you need to support your alimony modification request that you can file through the courts.


Child Custody Investigations:

We can work independently or in collaboration with your family law attorney to gather the evidence, such as proof of substance abuse, you need to present in court.

If your child or children’s other parent is not fulfilling his or her child support obligations, we will work to find their current location and a list of their current assets.

This is only a small sample of the types of services we provide as private investigators Gauteng.

Furthermore, we also work on:

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Private litigation and civil lawsuit support
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • All of our investigations are handled in a discreet manner while using modern techniques and top of the line equipment to make certain our investigation is completed as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible.

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    Tld private investigator Johannesburg assist individuals, employers, law firms, insurance companies and corporations by offering a large variety of investigative services. We customize each investigation to your specific needs.