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Private investigator Johannesburg & Pretoria. Private investigators.

TLD  PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS  provides private investigation services for individuals, Insurance companies, law firms, and corporate communities in South Africa. Our services include but not limited to: Cheating Spouse, high_tech surveillance, missing persons, national background checks, insurance fraud investigations, and high-profile clientele private investigations. With our private investigation experience and ability, we are able to resolve your most demanding assignments.

Our private investigators are highly trained professionals who will provide you with the results you are searching for. Regardless of what investigative needs you have TLD private investigator Johannesburg  will provide reliable, confidential, and affordable services. With our private investigators, they are no small, large or complex investigation assignment we cannot handle.

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  • Corporate investigations & Fraud
    Corporate investigations & Fraud Corporate surveillance Electronic Surveillance Digital Forensics Forensic & Ballistic Analysis
  • Private Investigator
    Private Investigator Surveillance Tapping devises Counter Surveillance Bugging & Debugging Spying Cellphones
  • Missing Person Private Investigator
    Missing Person Private Investigator Skip tracing Witness location Missing Person search Biological Parents Search
  • Infidelity Private Investigator Johannesburg
    Infidelity Private Investigator Johannesburg Obtaining proof of infidelity Searching hidden assets Tracking vehicles Electronic survallace
  • Is your spouse Cheating on you?
    Is your spouse Cheating on you? If you are looking for a private investigator Johannesburg. You are in the right place

Cheating spouse/cheating partner private investigators

Do not be the last person to have the details;

It is your right to know the truth. Whether your partner, mate, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you. TLD private Investigators has the suitably cheating spouse private investigator to help you. 

Corporate private investigator -investigations-internal fraud & theft

The biggest threat of any business today comes from within. Millions of Rands are lost every year to employee fraud and theft. People who makes the business to grow are the same people who are capable of bringing it down to liquidation. 

Missing Persons Investigations

Are you seeking a friend who has drifted out of contact? You are trying to find a long-lost relative?  Searching for a witness or debtor? We have a team of private investigators with experience in search missing persons. Whether the person has deliberately disappeared nor hiding.... . 

Data Recovery & Phone Tracing private investigators

Private investigator which help you to spy in the phone of your suspected cheating partner. With our high-tech and sophisticated systems we will help you to capture Call Logs, GPS Locations, Instant SMS’s and many more. Hire a private investigator Johannesburg and get all the information privately. With out the subject knowing. 

Tld Private Investigator Johannesburg. Private investigator Pretoria. if you want to catch a cheating spouse/cheating husband you need a good private investigator. Well, there are literally hundreds of reasons why you might choose us but here are the top five that our clients tell us to make the difference.

There is a lot of reasons that makes us stands out as a company, however to highlight a few that exceeded our client’s expectation and brought remarkable results when they choose TLD Private Investigator.

We ensure reliable results. Taking into cognisance that not all problems can be easily resolved. However, we are realistic and have simple solutions, persistence hence manages to resolve a very high proportion of our cases
TLD has competent team of Private Investigator  with many years of experience which provides efficient solution to cases as compared to our competitors.
We assess all cases individually, giving adequate timeframes required for completion and the costs involved. Taking into cognisance individual needs.
Our service is available across borders, we travel the world should need arises to get results.
We consist of approachable, friendly, discreet team. As the nature of our work most cases require us to be discreet. Be rest assured that all cases are treated with confidence. We are here to help whatever your circumstances and we are happy to talk to you in complete confidence and confidentiality.

Private Investigator Johannesburg: cheating spouse private investigator, cheating spouse private investigators Johanneburg and Pretoria


All individuals experience shock to news of adultery. Different emotions of grief are experienced; fear, pain, shame, anger and sadness. You may be suspicious of your partner. Do not be forced to live with the numbing and inescapable sense of suspicion.
Whichever stage you are on, it is imperative /important to remember You are not alone. We are the professionals waiting to help you.
Often after discovery, divorce follows. Unfortunately when divorce cases are brought to court evidence must be produced. It is important that you seek out professional help. This will ensure that you are able to produce conclusive, professional evidence. Your word alone will not stand on its own. You need Evidence.

TLD Private Investigators will help you get the evidence you need.

Why Hire TLD Private investigators.  private investigator Johannesburg & Pretoria 

As a Private investigator company we have established a nation wild reputation, as private investigator Johannesburg & Pretoria. We have unmatched excellence of work delivery services. We are able to conduct private investigations across Johannesburg, Pretoria and across the country.

Our private investigators are holding a high level of integrity and quality in every investigation work we do. If you are considering to hire a private investigator Johannesburg, Pretoria or South Africa. We highly competitive private investigators Johannesburg. 

Private investigators you can trust

We have a good team which is composed of former intelligent officers from military. Tld Private Investigator Johannesburg has a solid reputation in both professional and private fields of investigations. This success is not by chance however it is based on our highly skilled team of agents and the sophisticated equipment. In all our assignments we involve the technology to get you results. Our private investigators' agents specialize in spying cell phones, computers and planting listening devices. We do all under the radar not sported.  As private investigators we are ready to rise to any challenge, all over the world. catch a cheating husband/cheating wife today

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